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Intel Software in the Media - July 2007

Intel® Threading Building Block launched to the open source community at OSCON on July 24. Our first Intel Blogger & media launch kicked-off on July 23 with over 40 bloggers and media attending and James Reinders conducting more than 20 briefings to top tier press resulted in numerous articles worldwide. The more people we have that are perfecting concurrency; the more people will have a need for tools like VTune™, Intel® Threading Tools, and Intel® Compilers. Open sourcing Intel® Threading Building Block under a General Public License will help us broaden the market for Intel Software Tools.

NEW: Helping with Parallelism for C++-Flying with the Canaries

Author: James Reinders - By making Threaded Building Blocks open source, C++ programmers have an invaluable tool (and no excuses) to bring parallelism to their applications.

Scalable Parallelism with Intel® Threading Building Blocks Author: Shwetha Doss - This paper discusses the approach to parallelize the Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm with Intel® Threading Building Blocks and how it can scale for future processors.

Mo’ Multicore Dr. Dobb’s Journal - USA Not to be outdone, Intel made its own software-related announcement in support of multicore. The most recent versions of the Intel C++ Compiler Professional ..

Intel promises friendlier HPC clusters - UK Intel is developing software with partners in its Cluster Ready programme, including Platform Computing and Dell, to make it easy to add new HPC nodes to ...

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