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Intel Software in the Media - August 2007


August 15, 2007, SD Times, USA

Intel, seeing a need for libraries that take full advantage of multicore processors, has created its first major open source project by releasing version 2.0 of Threading Building Blocks, its C++ runtime library for the 21st Century. For Intel, this first foray into creating an open source development community around one of its libraries is also a trial balloon for possible open source projects in the future

-  Intel Sheds Light on "Penryn" Enhancements

Aug 6, 2007, DailyTech - USA

Intel improves compiler auto-vectorization performance with 32 new instructions. Intel expects SSE4 optimizations to deliver performance improvements in ...

-  Why You’re Not Getting Your Money’s Worth Out of That New CPU

Aug 27, 2007, Wired News - USA

"When we go down the path of parallelism, that free ride is over." Help is finally on the way. The chip industry is sending out the cavalry ... in the form...

-  Intel’s turns up the efficiency and performance heat on AMD

Aug 14, 2007, ZDNet - USA

AMD can’t delay too much longer because they will soon be facing a much bigger monster in the form of Intel’s 45nm Penryn. From an HPC perspective the AMD

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